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Video Postcards

The Video Postcard tool is a great multi-user marketing tool that can attract a lot of traffic. It is a tool that allows registered users to create a web-based postcard that resembles a standard snail-mail postcard, except that video postcards can display video or just play audio. Best of all, video messages can be recorded right from any standard web-browser.


Possible Uses

  • show banners and use as a tool for exposure
  • use as a "bonus" tool and give access only to users with certain membership levels
  • use to announce new products and services
  • use as a personal tool to send family and friends updates from vacation


  • limit access
  • postcards adjust for mobile devices
  • you update a default stamp (image) that is used for all postcards sent from your tool (great exposure!)
  • include header image or not
  • upload a video file from your device or record one in directly on the web browser
  • manage your saved postcards

Registered User Comments

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