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Questions & Answers (the Tool)

The question and answer tool is the culmination of over 20 years of "do it yourself" support and crowd sourcing technology. The tool provides account owners with a streamlined way to entering and organizing information on any topic, while using a platform that increases the information based on the wisdom of the crowds. The searching technology makes it easy for users to find the information they are seeking, and if the information does not exist, they can ask a new question. The built-in scoring system provides incentive for users to contribute to knowledge base by adding questions, answers, or just voting on the quality of questions and the accuracy/usefulness of answers.

The Question and Answer tool is perhaps the most useful tool in the DoWellWebTools arsenal, with so many functions that it replaces multiple scripts and web pages, keeping one consistent look and feel.  This tool can greatly reduce your need for manual support, keep your customers happily informed, and provide multiple communication methods that work for just about every customer or prospect.


Multi-Media Presentation


Possible Uses

  • use the Q&A tool as a evolving knowledge base, with knowledge contributed by the community
  • use the Q&A tool as a FAQ for your organization, loaded with the answers to questions your clients, prospects, or students ask most
  • use the Q&A tool as a way for people to contact you securely (via https)—either by e-mail form or live chat


  • set access level
  • live one-on-one chat feature
  • secure contact form
  • customize the scoring and titles
  • assign as many moderators as you like
  • allow or disallow public comments (comments sent directly to poster of question or answer without requiring any personal information from the person making the comment)
  • users can disable comments for any of their posts
  • specify the time users have to edit or delete their post
  • create custom messages that can be sent to users when they receive an answer
  • advanced search displays matches to full questions
  • display unanswered questions or questions with answers not yet accepted
  • display top questions
  • display most commonly used tags
  • display leaderboard to motivate users to participate
  • vote up/down questions and answers to earn points
  • social sharing for each post
  • easily create a podcast from your posts
  • accepted answers feature
  • format questions and answers and easily upload and use images in posts
  • users can follow their favorite questions to get notified of new responses
  • answer question and ask a question in one step (FAQ mode)
  • tagging system for organization
  • private question option - ideal for a support situation where only moderators see private questions

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