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The Presenter is a unique way to present information using images and audio.  It is like a slide show with optional audio, that is easy to create and easier to use.  The ease of updating individual slides makes using the Presenter a far better solution than creating videos—especially with content that might require regular updates.

This tool provides an efficient means to communicate virtually any message.  It is efficient because it takes less time, money, and bandwidth than video, it is more browser friendly (works great on mobile devices as well), and presentations can easily be updated by changing just one slide.  It is more effective than communicating via a web page, and interactive in that users can jump to the section they want by using the content menu.


Possible Uses

  • use for product or service demos
  • use for detailed technical tutorials
  • use for lesson content (this tool is incorporated in our Online Course tool)
  • use for orientations
  • use for training
  • use for family photos with commentary to share with others


  • include screen captures or photos
  • attach audio to each slide
  • content menu
  • embed presentations on other websites
  • display presentations on their own custom URL
  • easily add, remove, or edit slides
  • works great on most mobile devices as well as all current web browsers
  • no plugins or extra software needed for creator or viewer
  • easy navigation through the presentation and to any slide within the presentation
  • custom color theme to match any website

Presenter Video Demonstration

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