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Online Courses

Online education has been booming since the popularization of the Internet. Classrooms, training programs, certifications, etc. have all been done more efficiently and often with more success in the online environment. The Online Course tool takes advantage of this trend by offering powerful online education and training software, since every one of us is a teacher in some way.


Possible Uses

  • use as a training platform for employees, contractors, or clients
  • use as an independent free online course that promotes a product or service
  • use as an independent paid online course
  • create an entire online "university" that comprises multiple courses with multiple instructors
  • use to replace virtually any combination of software used for education and/or training


  • limit access to groups
  • integrates with Simple Sell to offer students pay-per-access
  • "Pay It Forward" referral program for more course exposure
  • "Partner Program" for compensating those who promote your course
  • can have one or more instructors per course
  • both instructor-evaluated and self-evaluated course options available
  • upgrade ad
  • set passing quiz scrore
  • online syllubus template
  • video introduction
  • sample lesson(s)
  • letter of acheivement
  • certificate of completion automatically generated
  • use free course access codes
  • upload and optionally market course books
  • podcast integration to easily turn any course into a podcast
  • lesson introduction, to do list, student resouces, multi-media presentation, lesson videos, lesson assignments (both instructor evaluated and not evaluated), instructor feedback, lesson quiz
  • students and instructors can use a web-based video recorder to submit oral assingments (students) or provide feedback (instructors)
  • discussion section for each lesson
  • visual course progress
  • easy lesson navigation
  • lesson can be worked on until published and made public
  • lesson can be made public or kept private
  • student management (integrated with Relationship Manager)
  • instant testimonal widget

Online Course Video Demonstration

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