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Dream Collage

The dream collage is a simple tool not very different from a digital photo album, except that it is web-based (easily accessible) and designed for one purpose: to inspire. A dream collage can be considered the visual equivalent to written goals, but without the details. Our analytical mind thrives on written goals whereas our emotional mind thrives on images—actual or imagined. For most of us, emotions are an extremely powerful force when it comes to goal attainment. This is why creating a collage of images that represent your goals is so effective. Looking at this collage on a daily basis can be very inspiring and effective.


Possible Uses

  • Use as a promotional tool
  • Use as a private tool for your members
  • Use it yourself


  • upload any size image
  • drag and drop
  • automatically displays in collage format
  • easily edit your collage
  • zoom in on any image in your collage

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