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Custom Webpages

Creating custom webpages is always a challenge because of the balance between flexibility and simplicity. Any webpage creation tool needs to be flexible enough to produce attractive pages that make websites look good. At the same time, it needs to be simple. The DoWellWebTools Custom Webpage tool meets both those requirements. This tool allows the administrator to create up to 500 custom pages using the very attractive and flexible UIKit framework. The tool uses a basic HTML editor for WYSIWYG real-time editing. Best of all, this flexibility and simplicity allows creators to bang out new webpages quickly.


Multi-Media Presentation


Possible Uses

  • use a regular website in combination with one or more of the other tools
  • use to create attractive and detailed frontpages to any of your public tools
  • use to create and/or store "member only" material that can only be viewed by certain memberships levels
  • use for anything a website can be used for!


  • limit access to tool
  • create a table of contents that is displayed in a right column
  • each page is created with appropriate metadata for search engine optimization
  • access can be limited on a per page basis
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Component viewer allows you to select from many stock components to build your page
  • Add your own components
  • easy image upload
  • display featured pages on frontpage

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