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The Auction tool is like having your own personal eBay. It is a tool for auctioning products or services. It can be used in conjunction with Simple Sell to complete winning bids.


Possible Uses

  • use as an outlet for excess inventory of limited quantities
  • use as a way to sell unique items
  • as a contractor, sell your limited time to the highest bidder for your services
  • start an auction site for a specific market and charge others to put items up for auction
  • setup an auction site specifically for events, where event performers auction their time (e.g., a dinner, lunch, drinks, etc.) to event participants


  • events displayed on homepage
  • latest auctions displayed on homepage
  • designed to attract event organizers to use the auction tool for their event
  • integrated with Simple Sell to sell "auction credits" for people who want to auction their products or services with your auction tool
  • social media integration to promote auctions and auction website
  • an event management system to list events that auctions may be associated with
  • auctions can be uploaded by administrators or by registered users
  • "charity" option to advertise a charity that the auction may be associated with
  • set location and/or exact time information for auction item (if a service or time spent with a person)
  • option to automatically renew auctions if no bidders
  • registered users of auction and winning bidders complete the transaction privately through PayPal... owner of auction tool is not involved in or responsible for that transaction
  • "buy now" amount
  • set minimum bids
  • define how may top bids win, for example, a band might sell tickets to the top X winning bidders based on venue space
  • auction length from 1 to 10 days
  • choose when the auction will start
  • full bidding history files and auction log files kept

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