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Appointment Manger

The Appointment Manager is an online self-service appointment/reservation system inspired by the one used by Apple stores to make appointments with their Genius Bar.

This tool eliminates the need for the multiple e-mail exchanges formerly necessary to find a time that works for you and the other party. Further, it collects the precise information you need in the format that you need it through the web-based form. This is the perfect tool for consultants, trainers, tutors, small businesses, or anyone who meet with others and values his or her time.


Possible Uses

  • As a consultant, allow your clients to setup an appointment with you
  • As a producer or podcast host, allow your guests to reserve an interview time
  • As a teacher/professor, allow your students to make an appointment with you during your office hours
  • As a business owner, allow prospects or clients to set a time to speak with you
  • Make your available time public


  • customize the look
  • setup unlimited appointment calendars
  • set your local timezone
  • customize messages sent to users who make appointments
  • set your default appointment hours
  • choose the minimum appointment length
  • choose the maximum appointment length
  • select how much advance notice is required
  • allow file attachments
  • include custom fields prompting users for specific information when making appointments
  • users can quickly get a sense of how many appointments are available on any given day
  • blackout mode makes it easy for site owners to make time unavailable for appointments
  • use the blackout mode to sync unavailable time across multiple appointment calendars

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