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  Using A Custom Domain Name with Your Tool

This step-by-step guide walks you through the process of using a custom domain name with your tool/website. This document refers to the options accessible by clicking your "Configure" menu item in your top menu when you are logged on as administrator, then clicking the "Custom Header Image, Domain, Theme, and Menu" header item to expand the options.

Note: The examples used below use the "dowellwebtools.com" domain instead of the "yourwebempire.com" domain because the former is the original domain used for the first web empires.

When it comes to using or not using a custom domain for your tool, you have several options. Two of these options are detailed in their own document. Here are the basic differences:

  • No custom domain. You don't need to attach a custom domain name to any tool. By default, all the tools run under the default secure domain name of yourwebempire.com.
    The pros: costs nothing and you don't need to do anything.
    The cons: not customized.
    Example: https://www.dowellwebtools.com/tools/oc/Bo/HowToPresent
  • Domain Forwarding. With domain forwarding, there is nothing that you need to do within the DoWellWebTools platform. This option is offered through your domain provider. Forwarding involves telling your domain provider which URL you want your domain to forward to. When the domain forwards, it will switch to the yourwebempire.com domain.
    The pros: (usually) free, fairly easy, you don't need to remember the long URL
    The cons: not as good search rankings as with a custom secure domain, URL switches over to yourwebempire.com domain so it may confuse people
    Example: http://www.MasteringLogicalFallacies.com
  • Custom Secure Domain Using Our Chained Certificate
    With a custom secure domain, you choose your own domain that is attached to the tool on the server. This means that your domain will be secure (https://) and that domain will remain in the address bar for the users entire browing experience.
    The pros: professional, great search rankings, trusted, no cost for SSL
    The cons: none really, unless you consider the roughly $10 per year for the cost of the domain a con
    Example: https://www.TheDrBoShow.com
  • Custom Secure Domain Using Your Own Chained Certificate.
    The same as above, but if someone clicks the lock icon by the domain to see the owner, they will see your company name and not ours.
    The pros: same as above but more customized to your organization
    The cons: could be costly (starting at about $15/year for SSL) and takes some technical skill to order the secure domain
    Example: https://www.KimsPottery.com

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