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The idea that people read headlines rather than the full article is both disturbing and true. The Headlines tool capitalizes on this by allowing users to create headlines for popular social media services in just seconds rather than write complete articles that go largely unread. The headlines tool is a terrific promotion tool that can be used to promote other services through banners, links, and/or e-mail sponsor messages. How can you make use of the Headlines tool?


Possible Uses

  • use to promote a paid website or product
  • use for branding
  • create fun headlines
  • share photos via social media in a unique way


  • create a default headline, subheader, and image to use as your example
  • create an image watermark that brands each image uploaded
  • administrator can choose "top headlines" that appear first on main page
  • latest headlines section
  • admin can edit or delete any headline
  • no registration required for users to create headlines

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