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Simple Sell

Simple Sell was designed for one purpose: to offer customers the simplest online purchase experience imaginable. It accomplishes this by using a one page form with 3 simple steps: choose the product, enter e-mail address, enter payment info. This kind of simple form works wonderful for virtual products that can be delivered by e-mail, but has many powerful features that make it ideal for just about any kind of online store selling any kind of product.


Multi-media Presentation


  • works with discount codes
  • print shipping labels using your custom image
  • works with the AuthorizeNet and PayPal payment gateways
  • define up to 5 different shipping options (e.g., pickup, USPS, FEDEX, etc.)
  • uses both global and/or per product e-mail receipts
  • works with coupon codes for products that can be delivered electronically
  • define up to 5 options per product (e.g., size, color, etc.)
  • simplified shipping—set price to ship one product and price to ship additional product, and let Simple Sell do the rest
  • automatically create electronic gift certificates
  • include up to 10 other products on the checkout for as "upsell items"
  • each product has its own checkout form URL
  • integrates with the Products tool for a complete shopping cart experience

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