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Every good platform needs a blog tool. Blogs can be used as public forums to share ideas, or private journals only open to the person doing the posting (or members with certain membership levels). The Blog tool is designed to make it easy to post, and easy to share posts on social media.


Multi-Media Presentation


Possible Uses

  • Use as a public blog to write about any topic or all topics
  • Use as a private journal that only you can access, to keep track of your thoughts, ideas, and goals
  • Use as a shared blog with many different authors who all contribute to the blog


  • set membership level access
  • option to allow private, anonymous comments
  • "Pay It Forward" referral tool to generating more traffic
  • option to allow member comments
  • contact form with spam protection
  • weekly and daily e-mail digest options automatically generated and sent
  • define user scores and badges to encourage participation
  • podcast integration - turn blog posts into podcasts by simply uploading an audio file with the posts
  • search posts
  • new post notification option for visitors
  • tags to categorize posts
  • leaderboard
  • admin can set time and day of post both in past and future
  • private post option for admin only eyes

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