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  How To Use E-mail Lists

This document refers to one or more of the options accessible in the Relationship Manager tool by clicking your "Configure" menu item in your top menu when you are logged on as administrator, then clicking the "Custom E-mail Lists" header item to expand the options.

Understanding The e-mail Lists

An e-mail list comprises users who have opted to receive certain information, or have been added to the list by the administrator. Users can always opt-out of e-mail lists, whereas they cannot with general mailings that administrators can always send to all users in the database. This is why e-mail lists are best suited for specific information of interest to select groups—information that is not vital (such as important account information).

You can send plain text or attractive HTML e-mail to any of your e-mail lists. While plain text usually reaches more people (not caught in spam filters), HTML e-mail generally has a higher response rate due to attractiveness.

In order to be subscribed to any of your e-mail lists, the user must be in your Relationship Manager (database). This means the user can either complete the full registration, or do the quick registration where only name and e-mail is required, which is ideal for collecting e-mail list subscriptions.

When new users complete the full registration form, they are shown the list options that are checked by default. If the user does nothing, they will be subscribed to the lists. If they deselect the lists, they will unsubscribe. All quick registration users are automatically subscribed to all lists.

Changing e-mail preferences (i.e., unsubscribing) is very easy for the user (no games). Once they click on the link in the e-mail, they are taken to a screen that shows all the lists they are subscribed to and can unsubscribe to one or more simply by unchecking the box associated with the list and clicking the update button.


Create Your Lists

Under the "Custom E-mail Lists" header item you will find the place where you can create up to 10 e-mail lists. Enter the name of the list that describes what the list is about (e.g., "Dr. Bo's Live Event Notices"). By default, nobody is subscribed to the list that is already in your database. To automatically subscribe everyone to your new list, click the "Auto Subscribe All" button to the right of the list.

Click the "Configure" button at the bottom of the page to save the changes.


Selectively Subscribe/Unsubscribe users

If you did not use the auto subscribe feature mentioned in step #1, then you will have to go through your users one at a time by opening each user record in the Relationship Manager and select the lists you want them to be subscribed to. If you did use the auto subscribe feature, then you can unsubscribe any user by deselecting the e-mail list option for that user. You can find these under the "E-mail List Subscriptions" section.


Send Messages To Your List

Send messages to your lists in the "Group E-mail" section of your Realtionship Manager. The lists that you create will show up there, and you can select the list to only send the message to that list.

You then scroll down and create your e-mail to send or select from one of your saved e-mails.

When you send a message to any e-mail list, information will be automatically appended to the message that contains all the required information to comply with the CAN-SPAM act. This includes your full address and an unsubscribe link. A copy of the message will also be sent to the administrator.


  Important Note!

All messages send from the shared server use the "mywebempire.com" domain as the "From" address, with your address as the reply to. This is done becauses most servers won't accept e-mail using a from address that does not match the server's IP address. If you have a dedicated server option, you can use your domain as your from address.

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