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Relationship Manager

The Relationship Manager is the core tool for the DoWellWebTools platform designed to facilitate and maintain relationships with contacts in the most effective and efficient way possible. That is, it interacts with all the other tools by storing user information for the tool. Besides being a helpful auxiliary tool, the Relationship Manager is a very powerful tool on its own that can be used for many different purposes. This tool can streamline virtually any organization's operations and strengthen relationships through information, organization, and overall better communication.


(this is a private tool - administrator only)

Multi-Media Presentation


Possible Uses

  • use as a database for storing customers, clients, prospects, students, members, volunteers, or any group of individuals (referred to as just "contacts")
  • use for prospecting new customers or clients—the follow up and e-mail features make it easy to cultivate relationships
  • use for communicating with contacts on an individual basis or in mass mailings
  • use as a CRM (customer relationship manager)
  • use as a tool for tracking and making appointments (works with Appointment Manager)
  • use as the backend for all your other tools
  • powerful e-mail list software

What Can You Do With the Relationship Manager?

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