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  Terms and Definitions Used

This section covers the terms and defintions used within this manual.

Main Account.
Each client has a main account. This main account has a name (username) that appears in the URL after the two character abbreviation for the tool, and before the subaccount. In the following example, "empires" is the main account name.


Each main account can have unlimited subaccounts. These subaccounts are still managed and maintained by the client (however, the client can assign administrators for this purpose). The subaccount name appears in the URL after the main account name. In the following example, "KnowTheFiveSigns" is the subaccount name.


Website / Site.
A website (or site), in this context, is a collection of tools that are usually unified by a common domain name, header image, or general theme. For example, I consider "YourWebEmpire.com" a website, which is made up of serveral tools all of which are linked in the menu and through the documents. They all use the same domain name, share the same header image, use the same color theme and fonts, and basically for a single website.

Web Empire.
A web empire comprises your main account, unlimted subaccounts, and unlimited websites.

A tool is a program or web-based application designed for a specific purpose. Each account and subaccount is made up of tools. As of this writing, there are 16 tools that make up the DoWellWebTools Platform.

DoWellWebTools Platform.
This is the collection of tools and all the supporting programs and code that is used for your web empire. This platform is designed, created, and maintained by Archieboy Holdings, LLC.

This is the domain that Archieboy Holdings, LLC. markets the DoWellWebTools platform.

A client is a person or organization who pays for a web empire. "Client" is used rather than "customer" because it is an ongoing relationship rather than a product purchased.

A user is any person who uses any one of the tools. This is synonymous with "visitor" or "guest."

Registered User.
A user who registerers with one of the tools. Registered users have special access to the tools, usually in the form of posting or creation rights (depending on the tool). There is no limit on registered users.

An administrator is the owner or registered user who has full rights to a tool. By default, the owner is an administrator to all of the tools. Each tool can also have one or more other administrators. Administrators must be registered users.

A moderator is a registered users who has special access to a tool. Moderator access is less inclusive than administrator access, and only select tools allow for this kind of access.

The owner (also reffered to as web empire owner) is the main contact for the account. This person is the administrator for all of the tools on the main account and all subaccounts. This is the person who communicates with Archieboy Holdings, LLC. regarding the account.



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