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  How To Set Up User Registration

This document refers to one or more of the options accessible by clicking your "Configure" menu item in your top menu when you are logged on as administrator, then clicking the "Quick Registration Options" header item to expand the options.


Open or Closed Registration?

The DoWellWebTool platform allows for both open and closed registrations. An open registration is user registration options that are available to the public, that is, anyone can click on a public "register" button and complete a registration for immediate access. A closed registration is when the administrator enters the registered user data in the database, and no public registration option is available. This is ideal for a website where membership is maintained elsewhere. Sometimes users who choose this option may choose to add a custom register button to a custom webpage or introduction text to a tool, that forwards to an off-site registration.

Open Registration

To create an open registration, you need to activate this in your Relationship Manager for the account / subaccount. Go to "Tools" > "Relationship Manager," then "Configure." Click the "Open Registration" section. There is only one required field to make this active—that is checking the "Allow Public Registration" option, then clicking the "Configure" button at the bottom of the page.

There are several options for open registration that are explained on the configure form.

Once this option is selected, all of the tools that have a public interface will have the register options on the top menu, and will accept new registrations.

Closed Registration

By default, there is nothing to do to set this up. Just make sure the "Allow Public Registration" option is not checked as described above. If this option is not checked and tools have quick registration options selected, the quick registration will not show.

With a closed registration, the administrator would import or manually add each new registered user directly into the Relationship Manager. See the section on that tool for details.


Quick, Full, Both or Neither?

The "Allow Public Registration" option discussed in step one is a global option, meaning that it applies to all the tools in the account / subaccount. Each tool has separate registration options. Some tools do not allow for public registration, although most do. You will find these tool-specific registration options in the "Configure" section for the tool, under the "Registration Options" section.

Full registration is active by default. To disable, check the "Disable Full Registration From Tool" option. Full registration allows users to click a "register" button in the top menu (when not already registered and logged in) that will take them to a full registration screen asking for several pieces of information.

Quick registration is disabled by default, and must be enabled by

  1. Selecting the "Allow Quick Registration" option
  2. Adding some "Text Above Form / Offer" (optional - ex. "Enter your name and e-mail address to quickly register.")
  3. Adding "Button Text" (ex. "Register!")
  4. Choosing confirmation or not
  5. Selecting an e-mail message to be sent upon a successful registration (if you don't, a default message will be sent)

Quick registration will greatly increase user registrations, but you will collect less information from each user. Since the users do not set a password with quick registration, they will be asked to set a password the first time they log in. Then, at any time, they can click the "edit user profile" icon in the top menu (when logged in) to complete their profile.

About the Confirmation Option

The confirmation option is the best way to deter "bots" that sign up for the sole purpose of spamming you. Even with the CAPTCHA option in the full registration, low-paid overseas employees of spammers sign up for as many forms as possible with fake e-mail addresses. The confirmation option sends a confirmation link to the e-mail used in the signup. Only once that e-mail link is clicked, does the new user show up in the database. Until that link is clicked, that user is not in your database. This is a good practice using this option.

Here is the menu with full registration disabled

Here is the menu with full registration disabled and quick registration being used

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