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  Database / Registration Options

This step-by-step guide walks you through the process of user registration for your tool. This document refers to the options accessible by clicking your "Configure" menu item in your top menu when you are logged on as administrator, then clicking the "Database / Registration Options" header item to expand the options.

All tools need to be associated with a database. A database is another term for a Relationship Manger. This tells the tool where to look for or store user information when users log in, register, or comment. It also tells the tool where to look for users who are eligible for administration privileges.

This section also covers the quick registration option as well as how full registration works for the tool. There is some interaction with the Relationship Manager, so we will be looking at that tool, as well.

To select the database, just choose the database you want to use in the dropdown. "Main" refers to the database for the main account. For example, my main account is "Bo" and all my subaccounts appear after that in the URL. Generally, you want each subaccount to use its own database, so for all my tools on "YourWebEmpire" I have selected the "YourWebEmpire" database. But sometimes, it might be beneficial to use the same database for multiple accounts/subaccounts.

The remainder of this section covers specific How-To's associated with user registration.

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