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  Multiple Tools, Multiple Logos, Headers, Fonts, and Themes

This document refers to the options accessible by clicking your "Configure" menu item in your top menu when you are logged on as administrator, then clicking the "Custom Header Image, Domain, Theme, and Menu" header item to expand the options.

Almost certainly you will be using multiple tools for your website. This means that you will need to update each of your tools and set the logo, background, theme, etc. This system is designed so that each tool can have its own logo, background, theme, etc. For example, I use the Question and Answer tool as my landing page for https://www.TheDrBoShow.com. However, I also use the Headlines tool, but as a way to drive traffic to The Dr. Bo Show. For this site, I kept to color theme for consistency, but the site has its own secure domain, name, and header image. See http://www.SatireHeadlines.com.

I understand that entering menu items (especially if you have dozens) for each tool can be a major waste of time, so there is an option to make your menu in any tool the master menu by checking that option. If you do this, you will only be able to edit the menu in that tool, and all the other tool's menu editing will be disabled. This is strongly recommended if you plan on using the same menu items with multiple tools.

Here are the different elements to the "Custom Header Image, Domain, Theme, and Menu"  section, along with how they are shared between tools.

  • Custom Secure Domain Name. You will need to enter this domain in each tool that you want to use the domain. If you don't enter the domain in a tool, that tool will continue to use the master domain on the server, and will require a different login (same username and password, just a separate login because logins are associated with the domain). But you can certainly use a different domain for each tool in the same account/subaccount.
  • Favicon. Each tool can have a different favicon. To use the same for all the tools, you will need to upload the favicon in each tool.
  • Background Image. Each tool can have a different background image. To use the same for all the tools, you will need to upload the background image in each tool.
  • Header Image. Each tool can have a different header image. To use the same for all the tools, you will need to upload the header image in each tool.
  • Custom Menu Items. Each tool can have different menu items, but very often they all use the same items. This is why there is the "master menu" option. Select this to use that tool as your master menu for all the other tools in that account/subaccount.
  • Extra Top Menu Items. These are unique for each tool. Again, be sure to view the tool from the user's perspective (not logged in) and make sure your extra buttons are not making the top menu wrap because of too much text.
  • Theme. The theme is a bit tricky. If you are using a stock theme (not custom), you can have a different theme for each tool in an account/subaccount. You can use one custom theme per account/subaccount. Once you customize the theme, that theme will be available to all of your tools on that account/subaccount simply by selecting the "CUSTOM" theme. This way, you will only need to create the custom theme once. So for example, your custom webpages can be using the "CUSTOM" theme. But again, you cannot have multiple custom themes in the same account/subaccount.
  • Fonts. The fonts are unique to the tool, so be sure to set the fonts for each tool, if you are using fonts other than the default.

The Dr. Bo Show (Q&A Tool)

Satire Healines (Headlines Tool)

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