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3 Good Things

Example Website Using ToolThe 3 Good Things tool is a web-based tool where users can enter 3 things on a daily basis: positive things, goals, progress on projects, acts of kindness... there is no limit on the possibilities!


Possible Uses

  • 3 Good Things. Have users enter three good things that have happened to them each day.
  • 3 Daily Intentions. Have users enter three things they plan on doing each day.
  • 3 Acts of Kindness. Have users enter three acts of kindness done each day.
  • 3 Daily Actions. Have users enter 3 actions taken toward a goal each day.
  • 3 Things I've Learned Today. Have users enter 3 things they have learned each day.
  • 3 Business Ideas. Have users enter 3 new business ideas each day.
  • 3 Connections. Have users enter the name of three people that they connected with on a personal level each day.
  • 3 New Prospects. Have users enter three new business contacts or prospects each day.
  • ??? - only limited by your imagination!


  • unlimited users can have accounts to keep track of up to 3 things on a daily basis
  • jump back to days to fill in missing data
  • photos associated with each thing
  • flexibility with wording in tool makes the tool useful for many purposes
  • run banners to promote a paid product or service
  • easy setup!

3 Good Things Tool Video Demonstration

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